Terma Bania -Białka Tatrzańska -POLAND

Terma Białka in Białka Tatrzańska is an extraordinary place – it combines fun of an aqua park, comfort of a SPA and the therapeutic effects of thermal baths. All this is complemented by the biggest Polish ski resort located nearby.
Terma Białka offers entertainment and relaxation with an interior design which combines highland style with modern architecture. Our pro-ecological mind set demonstrations Terma’s concern for the natural environment and well-being of future generations.
The facility was designed by “ETC Architekci Sp. z o.o.” Sp. k. ["ETC Architekci LLC” LTD] from Wrocław.
Some important facts:
  • net floor area of the facility – 8,580.33 m²
  • floor area of swimming pools – 1,382.67 m², including:
    • floor area of swimming pool inside the facility – 820.86 m²
    • floor area of swimming pool outside the facility – 561.81 m²
Geothermal water is extracted from a depth of 2500 m with a temperature of 72°C. In all, our guests have nearly 9 000 m² of water entertainment and relaxation at their disposal.
Taking into consideration specified needs of our guests, the facility was divided into several zones with specific preferences. All the beach entry pools main interior pools stretch outside the building, creating a naturally designed landscape. They are either separated from each other or parted from the surrounding area by naturally formed rocks or foliage. The south part of the Terma Białka complex was intended only for the summer use and it constitutes an integral part of the resort. This area encompasses: swimming pools, water slides, sports fields and an amphitheatre. The construction of additional exterior swimming pools is planned in the future.
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